Spooky Chibis: Lydia

art by Michelle Macias

2.75 inches

pearl, glitter, print, translucent details

gold plating

le 100 

1X 5x7 holographic print

1X 3 inch holographic sticker

*While supplies last


I'd like to note: S-MF2 DO NOT have missing enamel, gouged enamel, missing/broken posts.

Standard Grade - May contain slight imperfections when viewed at/in a certain angle or light. Not noticeable at 1/2 arms length.

Minor Flawed 1 - May contain slightly more noticeable flaws. I really tried to keep it to 1 flaw per pin. Example: Pin prick, enamel dip, scuff on clothing, small plating issues. Possibly noticeable at arms length.

Minor Flawed 2 - May contain a mix of multiple flaws as detailed in MF1. Noticeable at arms length.

Flawed - Damaged or missing print, misplaced enamel, damaged enamel, stray enamel, deeper pin pricks and/or scratches. These pins aren't fit to be traded or sold, but still look fine on a board.

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